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Distinguished Clients

clientesOn the water Corral restaurant passed numerous characters from the world of culture, art, sport, Science, policy, etc.

Among them we can name the Infanta Cristina, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, actors of the caliber of Paco Rabal, Nuria Espert, Pastora Vega, Imanol Arias, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Manuel Bandera, Ana Fernández and Ingrid Rubio. Comedians like Les Luthiers, Millán Salcedo (Tuesday and 13), Emilio Aragón, Pepe Viyuela or Tomas Summers. Athletes as Miguel Induráin o Robert Prosineski. Flamingos as Miguel Poveda, The Deafness, Farruquito, The Turronero. Dancers and choreographers Rudolf Nureyev, Alexi Nicholais, Nacho Duato for. Writers like Terrenxi Moix, Arturo Pérez-Reverte Mario Boix (This also neighbor and friend) Journalists as Fernando Jauregui, Carlos Herrera, Fernando Onega. Singers like Luis Eduardo Aute, Gilbert Montagné, Luz Casal, Maria Jimenez, Nacha Guevara, Isabel Pantoja or Pastora Soler. People of politics as Michelle Rocard (French Minister) the Manuel Chaves. Philosophers like Lou Marinoff or the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the Dr. Jean Dausset.